Event Items and Sign-up Sheet improvements

We’ve released a new feature and several improvements today! :D

Event Items

  • If you have the Manage Events privilege, you can attach Items to events that users can then purchase. You can use this to sell event-specific T-shirts in various sizes, or let people choose between meal options, or maybe upgrade to a nicer cabin. Create and edit your items in the Advanced tab when editing the event.
  • The items can be free, or you can set a price.
  • You can optionally limit items—say, if you only have 10 T-shirts available, only that many will be sold.
  • People can purchase items with their TroopTrack money account, PayPal, or Stripe (depending on your troop’s online payment settings: Manage > Settings > Online Payments). Parents can purchase items on behalf of their children.
  • You can also see a report of who wants how many of which items, and the CSV export has more information: when the purchase was made, how they paid, and who did the purchasing.

Sign-up Sheet Improvements

  • Anyone can see who has volunteered for what
  • You can volunteer people you have access to, not just your family
  • The list of assignments is sortable, so you can see who’s bringing what more easily
  • You can resend sign-up sheet emails
  • The sign-up email shows items and their counts

Hours/Miles/Nights Syncing Improvement

  • Historically, on the "Record Attendance/RSVPs" page, the hours/miles/nights (HMN) columns didn't auto-populate based on the event's data. Now the HMN columns do auto-populate.
  • It also updates users’ data if the event’s HMN data changes, but only for users whose data matches the event’s data.
  • So if a service day lasts longer than expected and should have been 5 hours instead of 3 hours, you can change that in the event details and it will update everyone with 3 hours to 5 hours. If one person had to go home early though and only got 1 hour, it’ll leave that unchanged.

One last thing

  • For the AHG PI/PA golf badge we mistakenly had one of the electives listed as a requirement; we fixed it.

For photos see the community post. :)